You would not believe the number of websites I come across when I’m out in Milwaukee or Brookfield that are not optimized for mobile viewing! I come across websites when I’m looking up a restaurant’s menu or a quiet place to have dinner with my girlfriend that are not easily viewed on smartphones or the smaller tablets that are hitting the market today.

Think about it – what if your businesses’ website was optimized for mobile viewing? What’s the return on the investment? Think about the people that have money to spend at bars and restaurants – and I’m not talking college students here. Baby boomers that are older and have a hard time seeing (and sometimes using :-P) smartphones with small font. What if someone from that demographic was looking for a place to eat, came across your website, but couldn’t read it because it was not optimized for mobile viewing? You just lost a customer, and potentially a $50-$75 table depending on your venue.

Mobile optimization is relatively mainstream now, and costs very little, sometimes only a couple hundred dollars, to implement. I’ve done super simple websites for bars and restaurants in Milwaukee! A couple of pages, a photo gallery and a contact form with some social media integration – that’s all it takes to grab a potential customer’s attention. If 20 more customers visited your establishment in a month just because you had a website that made it easy to view your happy hour and other specials, would you invest?

Michael Damico creates beautifully designed websites for several industries in the Wauwatosa, Brookfield, West Allis, Greenfield, Glendale, Mequon, Brookfield area.

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