Why responsive website design?

With how popular mobile devices and mobile web browsing has become, it's imperative that your website have a responsive design element to it.

Traditional mobile websites have to be managed separately, sometimes requiring the user to add the same content that already exists on a desktop version of the website. Responsive design eliminates the requirement to add content to a mobile website.

Instead, responsive design works with your existing website and moves content in a structured manner to adapt and look good on mobile devices.


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New navigation elements

The other neat thing about responsive design websites is that they are easier to navigate. The sites that we design include special interactive mobile features to make the user experience that much more enjoyable. We add features like increasing the font size of the page you are on, the ability to get to the top of the page from wherever you are on the site, and a menu that follows you as you scroll so you can always get to the content you need to


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